A Reception to Remember

wedding reception
23 Feb, 2019
wedding reception
wedding reception
wedding reception
wedding reception

Thinking about what you would need for your reception venue? To create a “reception to remember” you have  many things to consider.  

Here are some key components you may wish to consider before you decide what is best for your wedding reception venue.

  • Menu details and how the food will be served.
  • What beverages will be served.
  • Number of serving staff and, at a sit down dinner, how many people per table.
  • How will the wedding cake be served.
  • Number of tables and chairs and how they will be set up.
  • Delivery charges, if any.
  • Deadline for final guest count.
  • Any overtime charges and when they would apply.
  • Final cost and whether HST and gratuities are included
  • Decorations provided.
  • Table linen choice, including colour choices.
  • Whether a coat check will be provided.
  • Is food for band, disc jokey, photographer and videographer provided?
  • Additional fees for setup and cleaning (if any)
  • Cancellation clauses for the venue.
Let the room speak for you...

Create the mood you want.  A classic way of doing this is to create by using candles situated in the middle of the table. By turning down overhead lights and using candles of different sizes and lengths, the room takes on the glow you are looking for.

Flower arrangements can contain personal or whimsical elements to add interest.  Incorporate your wedding favour into the table decor – for example, a small picture frame with the guest name can be both a place card and a nice wedding favour.

Most of all, enjoy the Exeter Bridal Showcase and get the most out of it by chatting with each exhibitor and getting inspired on ideas that will make your wedding day so special!